What’s going on here … 

I’m just a woman navigating her way through the mind-numbing, head-scratcher of a patriarchal world.

This is my online diary & confessional.

I have no guarantees for what I’ll be publishing here because the truth is that I’m in the midst of going rogue AF, and anything (anything) can happen.

Follow along if you’re curious…

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Meet the Author

After a long & weary journey through the wiles of personal development (in which I partook both as a voracious seeker of truth, as well as a facilitator and coach) I found myself disheartened with the industry; facing an intense crisis of faith & identity.

I’d been quietly processing my new age trauma when I began to feel that the next step in my recovery was to emerge from isolation, upon the radical act of truth-telling.

I created this column/newsletter as the place to do that.

Gilding the Lily is a phrase of Shakespearean origin, used when someone is spoiling something already perfect & beautiful, by trying to improve upon it…

In my experience, this is exactly what’s happening, not only in the industry of new-age “wellness”, where you're sold solutions to problems you don't actually have, but also in our capitalistic world at large.

If you, like me, are exhausted from having been tumbled around in the spin cycle of the patriarchy, then it’s my hope that Gilding the Lily will be as much of a therapeutic breath of fresh air for you to partake in, as it is for me to create & share it.